The Imposter: The Remixes Vol 1

by Machines With Human Skin

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released March 16, 2020




Machines With Human Skin Chicago, Illinois

Chicago-based Industrial rock bringing equal measures filth and funk, transcending the status quo for the rest of our goddamn lives. We are influenced by all your Wax Trax/90s industrial/coldwave favorites such as Sister Machine Gun, KMFDM, Hate Dept., PIG, and Nine Inch Nails with a dash of punk, funk, and electro.
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Track Name: The Imposter
The Imposter

The imposter sits alone
(Inside of me)
Preying on the weak
He feels like a fake
(He’s got control of me)
Everything you give, he takes
Stare into his lifeless eyes
The destroyer of your dreams
Bringer of death and pain
Feeding off your screams

What you believe
Is a disease
The world’s brought you
To your knees
This reality a twisted fantasy
And it’s taking too much out of me
All of your hope has left you here to die
The imposter, he lives a lie
Damned to repeat his sickened history
His face a mask of mystery

Caught in the act
Of playing a part
The villain in this masquerade
He waxes desperate with devastation
Forgotten figment of imagination
He turns the mirror upon himself

His greatest sin is greed
(And vanity)
His hands around your neck
Don’t be afraid, it’s just one single squeeze
(And I can’t breathe)
He will never/ forgive your debts
In the dark, his eyes on you
Watching you bleed in livid red
Gripping you in his ecstasy
Come to me with a sense of dread

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